Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or a Scam? This should not even be a question

First of all, I must take my hat off to you for taking your time to make your own research before joining or buying any product on the internet.

Through this review, I will do my best to answer the questions or doubts you could have about Wealthy Affiliate. Even though I am a member of the service, I will stay unbiased so you can make your own decision but to me, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a solid legit affiliate program which will help affiliate marketers (especially beginners) to get started and become successful online. It is definitely not of these get rich product scam that promises you the moon and brings nothing to the table.

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Founder: Kyle and Carson

Product Type: Affiliate Training, Website Builder, Keyword Research, Hosting

Price: Free – $49/month

Best for: Beginners

Summary: WA is a website where you will find a very detail training to start your affiliate career. The website also allows members to be part of a community where sharing and networking will help you greatly in your journey. The platform also allows you to host and build websites as part of their membership

Rating: 8/10

Recommended: Yes, especially if you are just starting out.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

It is a platform providing training, hosting, a website builder, a keyword research tool, engagement tools and a community to help people create affiliate websites and get them ranked on Google.


Wealthy Affiliate was created by Kyle and Carson in 2005 with the goal to help others to succeed in their affiliate journey following the same techniques they used to become successful online marketers. The platform has been growing since then and has helped more than 1.5 million entrepreneurs along the way.

Active Community

One of the great benefits of WA is clearly its community. From the moment you create an account, you will be greeted by other members that will make sure to make you feel welcome. To me, it almost feels like a mix of Facebook, Quora. The clear dashboard makes it easy to navigate and get used to the WA platform quickly


There is also a question section similar to Quora, where you will be able to ask questions or answer other people’s question. Each member has its own profile with pictures, bio and a wall where other members can come and interact.

And lastly, you can post blog posts on your profile to share content with the rest of the community which is very good to grow your network on the platform but also to learn from other people posts.

Ranking System

There is a ranking system within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Your rank will be based on how far you are in the training but also based on different goals you need to achieve such as getting your website indexed by Google for example. It is also useful when you need to ask questions or need help as you can quickly gauge who should be able to help you.

Customer Support

24/7/365 technical support available by phone for premium members. There is a 24/7 live chat system that will allow you to communicate with others and to ask questions. You can also directly message senior members with questions if you would like. Lastly, the community is full of content that will most likely help you if you have any type of problems. There is virtually no way to not get the answer to your question within a timely manner on that platform.

Complete Training

Wealthy Affiliate training is great. It can guide a complete beginner from understanding what affiliate marketing is to make his first website very quickly. Below are the different types of training available:

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Broken down into 5 levels with 10 lessons in each level the Online Entrepreneur Certification training goal is to get you prepared to create your own affiliate review website.

Wealthy-Affiliate-Online-Entrepreneur-CertificationAffiliate Bootcamp

This training course is broken down into 7 levels with 10 lessons at each level. The main goal of affiliate bootcamp is to prepared you to create a website promoting WA affiliate program.


Training HQ

Experienced members have the ability to upload training and videos to help others. A section called Training HQ gathers and categorize all the different piece of content to be able to scan through what you want to learn if you are looking for something specific.


Live Events

Weekly webinars, called Wabinars, are hosted by Jay from Affiliate Resource most of the time. The subjects of the sessions are different every week and Q&A questions are also part of these cool live events.

Unlimited Free Websites

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to build free websites on their servers using the SiteRubix platform. As a free member you get 2 free ones but as a premium member, you can build unlimited free sites at no extra cost. The website will be created on WordPress which is the most used website solution nowadays


Free Website Hosting for 25 Websites

Hosting is included with your WA membership.  Even though it is not a big expense, it is one more thing to not worry about for somebody starting out.

As a premium member, Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to host your site on their servers for free.

Just register a domain name and start hosting your website through Wealthy Affiliate servers.

The best part about this feature is the fact that it is unlimited so you can host multiple sites on an account. So imagine owning 10 websites, it would cost more than $100 just to host them if you did not use WA.

You also get a free SSL certificate for all your websites which is something needed these days as Google Chrome will block your webpages if they are not securely encrypted.

Domain Platform Integrated

You can buy your domain name right from the WA website where it will guide you on how to connect it to the WA hosting servers. If you want to buy your domain name from somewhere else, no problem, they have tutorials to show you how to get your new domain name servers to redirect to WA hosting servers.


Free Keyword Tool

Jaxxy is the keyword tool you’ll get access to through your Wealthy Affiliate account. The training courses will teach you how to use the tool but also how to get the most out of it. As a free member, you’ll be restricted to the number of searches you can perform and to a limited amount of results. If you really like the tool, you will even be able to upgrade your Jaxxy account to perform more advanced keyword research.


Website Feedback and Comment Platform

This private platform was created to help WA members get engagement on their websites. It allows members to not only get feedback on their sites on WA but also get comments from other members on their actual websites to boost their site engagement. It is a very clever but yet powerful technique to move your site up in the search engines.


Site Content Template

This section was designed to help members create contents for their websites. Depending on the page you are trying to create, they have preset templates with headers to speed up the content creation which is awesome as it is one of the most difficult parts of getting started.


Wealthy Affiliate Cost

You have the choice between two formats, free (no credit card required to register) or premium which cost $49 per month or $359 for an entire year. Please see below the main difference between the two memberships.


Success Stories

Wealthy affiliate created many success stories such as the ones below:

Wealthy Affiliate-Success-Story-2017


What I like about wealthy affiliate

Check MarkThe quality of the training: The training is very complete and can take somebody with no experience a knowledgeable affiliate website owner by the time he has completed the different courses. It is also important to know that all the training is kept up to date to make sure you are not served some outdated info.
Check MarkThe active community: Wealthy affiliate community is definitely one of its biggest perks. It has a lot of knowledgeable members who are willing to help others and don’t hesitate to share great content. It is also possible to grow your network and a following through the platform and then funnel them back to your own blog where you monetize the traffic.
Check MarkThe freemium model: The fact that you can start for free is really should make Wealthy Affiliate a no-brainer to try. As a free member, you can start your training and build your first website while getting your feet wet. From there, you can upgrade at any time if you feel the program works for you.

The things I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate

Uncheck MarkThe lack of training about offsite SEO. Link building is approached in some of the training courses however it is not discussed enough especially knowing that is one of the main things search engines look for to determine how authoritative a website is. I wish that more advanced training discussing link building was provided by Wealthy Affiliate

Uncheck MarkThe monthly subscription price of $49 can become pretty high after a few months if the person is not making any money back from their website rapidly. It is true that the platform provides a lot of features such as hosting, a website builder, a keyword research tool, however, you could get the same type of service for cheaper if you know where to look for

Uncheck MarkThe lack of training on email marketing. Being one of the most lucrative types of advertisement, it would be very nice if Wealthy Affiliate creates some in-depth training regarding email marketing. Mastering this skills can be very lucrative if you know what you are doing.

My final thought

I truly think that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It is a legit affiliate program that will greatly help newer affiliate marketers get their feet off the ground and start their online journey.  The great spam free community is something very valuable that is difficult to find anywhere else on the internet in the make money online niche. With that being said, once you get established and successful, the training provided on WA may not help you to get to the next level.

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