4 Ways to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate like a Pro

Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to learn how to make money online quickly in many different ways.

It is possible to apply what you learn there to create a website but it is also possible to leverage the WA community to make even more money and start earning like a top online marketer.

The 4 main ways to use to start are as follow:

  1. Create a niche site
  2. Promote Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program
  3. Monetize your own training hosted on the platform
  4. Grow a following on WA and funnel that traffic back to your own website.

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Wealthy Affiliate is a website containing training, a website builder powered by WordPress, a keyword tool, and a great community. The way the training is structured, it is very easy to learn bit and pieces of everything required to build your first website online. The great community is also very helpful and active which is a big plus when you need a little bit of extra help. If you want to learn more about WA, make sure to check my Wealthy Affiliate review where I talked about the program in greater details. The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that you can start using the platform for free.

How long does it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

This question is very popular and it is quite hard to answer because it will depend on a lot of factors. Affiliate marketing is not an exact science and SEO is an ever-changing subject, therefore, there are no guarantees in anything you will be taught ANYWHERE. With that being said, based on the multiples success stories shared in the WA community, it seems that most of the people following the training start to see results after 5-6 months.

Wealthy-Affiliate-Success-Story-$9k-in-Commision Wealthy-Affiliate-Success-Story-$58k-in-Commision

I know you might think that it is long but trust me, once your website starts ranking and establish itself, earnings will start to grow fast and last for a long time. By that time, all you will have to do is maintain, update outdated articles and add some extra content from time to time. Your website will be cruising on autopilot and making money while you sleep.

Make money with a niche site monetized with affiliate offers

Making money with a niche site is the main method discussed and taught on Wealthy Affiliate.

Pick a niche


Before starting your website, you will have to do some brainstorming and pick a niche. Once you find something that you are passionate about, you will need to find keywords to target using a keyword tool. You will need to find keywords with low competition at first in order to get your start indexed and liked by the different search engines. Picking the wrong website can be very detrimental to your website as you need to be able to rank high so you can get traffic. Thankfully for you, Wealthy Affiliate has partnered with Jaaxy to provide its member with a great keyword tool. I won’t bother you with how to use Jaaxy as it is nicely explained with video tutorials on Wealthy Affiliate.

Build your website

Once you have a niche, you will need to find a domain name, hosting and create your website. Thanks to some great integrations with SiteRubix and WordPress, you can perform all these steps from the Wealthy Affiliate website. You can look for and buy your domain name in a few clicks without having to set any DNS nameservers. The integrated website builder is also very easy to use and help the members to create nice looking websites rapidly.

Get traffic

Reference: https://fortunelords.com/website-traffic/

Once you have a website with some content, it is time to get some traffic. Through the different pieces of training, Wealthy Affiliate teaches its members different many different ways to get traffic to their website.


Depending on the niche you pick, you will be able to pick from different affiliate programs. The most popular program is without a doubt Amazon program called Amazon Associates. If your niche or products are not present on Amazon, no problem there are many more affiliate program available such as Commission Junction, Clickbooth, Shareasale or Clickbank. If none of these float your boat, a quick Google search will get you going very quickly. Once you have a network to work with, just keep on producing great content and promoting your blog and you’ll be on your way to make money.

Make money with a blog promoting Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program

Just like you can make money by creating and promoting a niche website. You could do the same but this time you would promote Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program. The freemium model is very interesting as you can get rewarded for people creating a free account. Once the referral is under you, it will stay yours forever, so let’s say somebody decide to go premium 4 months after joining through your link, you will get credited for it! Conversion from free to premium is also good at 12% on average (1 person out of 8) based on Wealth Affiliate data.

Commision Breakdown

Free Wealthy Affiliate MemberPremium Wealthy Affiliate Member
$0 for a free referral$2 for a free referral
$4 for the first month for a premium referral$8 for the first month for a premium referral
$11.75 monthly after the first month$23.50 monthly after the first month
$87.5 for a yearly subscription$175 for a yearly subscription

SEO strategy


The main strategy used by most of the people promoting Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program is through blogging. They create websites with a WA review and a bunch of content related to the make money online niche. They look for low competition keywords and work to get their website high in the different search engines. Once their websites are established, all they have to do is maintain and watch the money roll in.

Leverage Social Media

Another way to drive traffic to your Wealthy Affiliate links is through your social media profiles. You can post about your experience with the platform and share your results. People spend a lot of time on social media and are very receptive to social media post, therefore, it is an area where you can leverage great result to entice people to join Wealthy Affiliate.

It is also possible to create a Youtube channel and document your journey on Wealthy Affiliate but also on anything related to the money making niche. That way, you can create an audience that you can use not only to promote Wealthy Affiliate but also other affiliate products or even your own products when you get knowledgeable enough.

Turn your Referral in Paying Customer

Once you have funneled your referral into Wealthy Affiliate, you need to convert as many of them into premium members in order to grow your earnings. The best way to do so is simple, BE HELPFUL. Reach out to each of your referrals to welcome them on the platform. Ask them if they need any help to get started and make sure to let them know that if they need anything you are there for them. Don’t try to be pushy by asking them to upgrade. Instead, make them feel at ease and stay active on the Wealthy Affiliate community to bring motivation to people looking at your profile.

The art of affiliate marketing is to guide people to reach their goal or solve a problem using a product or strategy you are telling them about.

If you remember that, you will be successful at anything you are promoting as an affiliate.

Make money by creating training hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate

After being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for three months, when you gained enough experience and start to be knowledgeable about the making money niche, it is time for you to start monetizing your knowledge. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to post and host your training on their platform and reward you when members engage with it.

Identify what to teach

Start to look for the different courses available on the platform and identifies what is lacking. Once you find something that is not taught, dive in and start creating your training.

Create Content

The content can come in 2 different ways, video or step by step presentation. Videos are definitely the best way to teach and show people new things, however, step by step guide can be very efficient as well. If it was me, I would focus on videos are they can be easier to make and tend to be more engaging.

How to earn from your training

Once your content is created, it is time to promote it. The way you make money is calculated based on the amount of engagement received by your training. The more engagement you get, the higher you rank, the more money you will make at different levels.  Each level is worth 10 credits with the same worth of $0.50 each.

Make money by growing a following on Wealthy Affiliate

You can make money by leveraging the network of people you are growing on Wealthy Affiliate and bring that traffic back to your own website.

Grow your network on Wealthy Affiliate


To grow your network on Wealthy Affiliate, you need to be active in the community. Make sure to greet the new members, using the new premium member section, and make them feel welcome. When you see questions you can answer, answer the questions. When you see people writing a blog post, engage by commenting on it. People on the platform need to know who you are and start trusting you for your knowledge.

Bring in Value

Take advantage of the blog option in your profile to provide great content. Anything that can be useful for members, even if it is not directly related to affiliate marketing, should be posted. As discussed earlier, building training and hosting it on the platform is a great way to give to bring value and grow an audience. The main goal is to build trust from the members because once you get to that point, you will be known as an influencer.

Funnel traffic to your own website

Once you grow your network to a few thousand people and that you are known within the community, it is time to start funneling the traffic you generate from your network back to your own website. However, you need to be careful because the goal is not to steal members from Wealthy Affiliate but instead to provide them with another source of information where they could get answers that they can’t get on the platform.


When you are able to bring traffic to your own website from the following you grew on Wealthy Affiliate, it is time for you to start promoting other products. The gold there is to recommend products, that could be your own or affiliate products, which could help these people in the online journey. You need to be careful and only promote good products otherwise it could backfire on you. You want people using the products you are promoting to benefit from them and vouch for you in the Wealthy Affiliate platform. If you promote anything in the sole goal to make quick money, you will end up losing all your credibility in the community and lose money on the long run if people get scammed out of their money.


The 4 different ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliate all have great potential. Depending on your expertise level, some ways will work better than others but this something that you will have to evaluate for yourself.

Now that you know the four main ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliate, make sure to open your FREE account and share with everybody which route you will be using.

I would also be interested to hear from people already earning and which strategy they are using to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

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