eSCAPE by Anik Singal Review (Free Book) – Is it worth reading?

The widely successful entrepreneur Anik Singal comes back with his latest book called eSCAPE – The 4 Stages of Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur. The free straight to the point book explains how to shift from an employee mindset to how to become a successful entrepreneur.

The book will be available for FREE starting on August 14th.

This freebie is definitely a good deal and you should take your time to read it because it is worth it.

If you want to learn more about this cool book, keep on reading my full review of eSCAPE.

Product Name: eSCAPE – The 4 Stages of Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Founder: Anik Singal

Product Type: Affiliate Training, Book, eBook

Price: Free

Best for: Beginners, Intermediate Marketers

Summary: eSCAPE is a free book created by Anik Singal with the mission to help as many people as possible to become successful online. Everything taught in the book was created based on Anik personal experience but also other successful digital entrepreneurs. It is easy to read and explains clearly, through a 4 phases process, how to shift the way people think and how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Rating: 8.5/10

Recommended: Yes! It is free so you have nothing to lose…

Who is Ankit?

Anik-SingalAnik Singal is the founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc. He is considered, as one of today’s most acclaimed digital publishing marketers. He specializes in profit-generating product launches, building backends and funnels, article marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and business management consulting.

He was recognized by BusinessWeek in the Top 3 of the Best U.S. Entrepreneurs Under 25 in 2008. On top of that, he is an Inc500 CEO, listed 2-times among the Fastest Growing Companies in America. When he was in college at the University of Maryland, he won Company of the Year award from MTech and was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Hinman CEOs.

He generates over $20 Million/year in sales through his digital publishing businesses while he has also helped contribute to over $100 Million in online publishing sales.

Today, Anik focus on teaching people how to create their own online businesses. Through his experience, he has built a program where he guides them through his step-by-step process which focuses on maximizing profit and growing revenue. He has mentored over 260,000 students around the world, many have gone on to become very successful entrepreneurs.

Notable prior work

The Circle of Profit

The-Circle-of-ProfitThe latest version of the book came out in 2016. In this book, Anki Singal gives you exactly what you need to stay on the cutting edge of the fast-evolving world of online business. Using his system, you can turn any passion, hobby or professional expertise into a lifetime of profits. The very low start-up costs and the fact no technical expertise is needed make this system very powerful. You just need to use the proven system you’ll discover in this book:

  • Phase 1: Build your audience and create profit
  • Phase 2: Use digital products to create your first $1 million dollars

If you want to learn more about this book, you can find it on Amazon or directly by clicking here.

The Email Lifeline:

The-Email-LifelineThis well-acclaimed book discussing email marketing came out in 2015. In the book, Anik explained how powerful email marketing is and how to maximize profit using it. Through a step by step formula described in the book you could be:

  • Growing your email marketing business by up to 300%
  • Tripling the size of your Email list
  • Building a meaningful and inseparable relationship with your subscribers

If you want to learn more, you get find this book on Amazon here


Founded in 2004 by Singal, Lurn is an online and offline service to help entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world. The program focus on:

  • Empowering others to build & grow passion-driven businesses.
  • Encouraging people with revolutionizing ideas that can impact the world.
  • Educating wanna be and struggling entrepreneurs to become successful- no matter where they are on their journey.

What is exactly eSCAPE all about?

What does eSCAPE stand for?

Anik Singal, one of today’s top online entrepreneurs, teaches how to start from “e” and reach the point “E” in his book.

You must be wondering what I mean by small “e” and big “E”?


The small “e” in the word eSCAPE refers to “Employee“ while the big “E” refers to “Entrepreneur“.

The book revolves a lot about Anik’s real life story and his mission to help people build successful passion-driven businesses online. The book talks about:

  • How Anik started his online journey
  • How he drowned into the debts early on
  • How he almost died
  • How he figured a success formula to put himself back on track
  • How he became a successful entrepreneur.

The mission of his book is very straightforward, he wants to help people!  He wants you to learn from his mistakes but also follow the great things he has learned during his entrepreneurial journey! The 4 simple steps he defined to become an entrepreneur is easy to follow and can be applied to any business.

eSCAPE-The-4-Stages-of-Becoming-a-Successful-Entrepreneur-PyramidThere is no unnecessary information in this to the point book.

What does the S-C-A-P-E mean in the word eSCAPE?

S stands for Self

C stands for Catapult

stands for Authority

P stands for People

How to get your free copy?

It’s very simple! Follow this link here on August 14th and fill out the form so they know where to ship your book. Once you are done, you will be promptly mailed a free physical copy of the book.

You will also be able to download a digital version of the book as soon as you fill out the form. Therefore, you will be able to start reading even before receiving the physical book.

The digital version of the book will be a little different than a regular plain ebook. It will be organized as an online course located in the member area of the eSCAPE website. On top of the digital version of the book, members will have access to exclusive videos and content from Anik Singal.

Does it actually help you to become a successful entrepreneur?

Anik has a proven track record of helping people become successful entrepreneurs. This book really explains the mindset shift you will need if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur in today’s world. The 4 phases described in the book were created based on many failures by Anik but also some other great entrepreneurs. The book is also full of statistical evidence on how to improve your likelihood to become a successful entrepreneur.

The book is by no means the only thing you need to become successful, however, it will open your eyes to what to expect and what you will need in your online journey.

Why is eSCAPE free?

It is very simple! The book is there to attract as many people as possible into Anik sales funnels. You see, he brings great value by offering a valuable book for free. People will then understand that Anik is the real package and knows his stuff. That’s what we call warming his audience.

At that point, he will then upsell his book readers with different paid offers:

  • Millionaire Mentor A video series where Anik himself will mentor you through the journey of becoming a millionaire.
  • The eSCAPE Masterclass It will be an 8 week intensive course including weekly LIVE classes with Anik directly and webinars with his expert coaches.


Anik Singal wrote a great book for whoever is interested in entrepreneurship. The eSCAPE is a good read that will teach you the 4 stages of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Singal long and rich entrepreneurial journey taught him a lot and gave him the experience to write this book explaining how to get people from the “employee” mindset and turn them into the entrepreneur mindset. The fact that it is free is also a huge bonus as you have nothing to lose when you order yours. Make sure to mark your calendar down for ordering yours on August 14th, 2018.

When you read your copy, feel free to share with everyone, in the comment section, what you like and don’t like about the eSCAPE: The 4 Stages of Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur.

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