How to add multiple affiliate links on Instagram

Instagram is the hottest social media platform right now. There are a lot of active people hanging out on the platform which means they are a lot of opportunities for you to make money sending traffic to your affiliate offers.

However, by now you should know that you cannot include links in your Instagram post and that you can only post one link in your bio or make a swipe up in your stories which are definitely not ideal for an affiliate marketer trying to promote multiple things.

But don’t be scared for each problem there is a solution! I am about to share with you some tools and free techniques that will allow you to promote more than one link on Instagram using the only link you have in your bio.

If you are a little unsure where to start when it comes to promoting your affiliate offer on Instagram, make sure to check out my article where I go in depth about that topic providing strategies and even growth hacks to be as successful as possible when promoting on that social media platform.

Promote multiple links on Instagram for free

The work around the one bio click dilemma is simple and straightforward. The idea behind the technique is to create a simple one-page website that will host all your links. You will then use the Instagram bio link to point to that one-page website.

Below is a great example of a link page created by SarahTypes


If you are good at HTML you should be able to create a one-page website as shown above very quickly, however, for others like me, it might not be that easy.

Thankfully for us, there are different tools available to get the job done.

First, let me tell you about a few tools that were specially created to solve the Instagram one link dilemma.

Link Tree


  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Sign up with Instagram”
  3. Authorize Link Tree to access your Instagram account
  4. Fill out the sign-up page
  5. Pick the plan you want. You will have to pick between 2 plans
Plan includesFree PlanPRO Plan
Get unlimited links on your linktree
See the total number of times each link has been clicked
Pick from a selection of linktree themes
Get help quickly with priority support
Capture your visitors email addresses with the email / newsletter signup integration
10 Linktree themes
Remove Linktree branding
See a day-by-day breakdown of link traffic
Complete customization of your linktree colors, button styles and fonts
Highlight your most important links with priority links
Change the title of your linktree
Time your links to go live in-line with scheduled posts
Retarget your Linktree visitors on Facebook and Instagram by adding your Facebook Pixel ID
Add a beautiful background image
Give access to your team to manage your linktree and links
Show traffic as 'Social' in Google Analytics
Custom UTM Parameters
Upload your own profile image
Add thumbnails to each link

Once logged in, you will have three main navigation tabs

  • Links where you will be able
    • to create links
    • to update your links
    • to organize the links order
    • to check the number of link clicks


  • Settings where you will be able to tweak the appearance of your Linktree page. The 5 themes below are available with your free version and 5 extra ones and the ability to further customize are available with the PRO version.


  • PRO where you will be able to upgrade your account

Your link page name is located on the top right of the screen. All you have to do is use that URL in your link bio to get your Instagram traffic to your Linktree page.


In my honest opinion, Linktree is an awesome tool that does exactly what it is supposed to do. You will be able to create and host multiple links on your link page in no time.

The page branded with your Instagram name and look very neat and professional. As you start out, the Free version will be a perfect fit.

However, when you start to grow in popularity switching to the $6/month PRO version can make sense as it will provide you with tools to analyze your traffic, do some targeting and better customize your link page.

Tip: Spy on Instagram pages in your niches to see if any are using Linktree. Try to find what these pages have in common and try to create something similar.



Link.Bio works similarly as Linktree as you will get the ability to host an unlimited amount of link. The main difference comes from that fact that you get a branded Linktree URL with any Linktree plan while you get a randomly generated URL when you use Link.Bio free plan.

If you want to receive a custom URL, you need to buy in the Pro-Monthly ($0.99/month) or the Pro-Lifetime ($9.99/lifetime) plan. These two plans also provide link tracking, statistics, and email support.

Despite being very similar for single accounts, the main advantage of Link.Bio versus Linktree comes when you need to manage multiple accounts. You can pick the Link.Bio agency plan where you will be able to manage three accounts for only $1.99/month. If you want to learn more about this option make sure to check Link.Bio agency page.

To get started with this platform, it is very easy and quick. Just follow the few steps below:

  1. Go to Link.Bio
  2. Click on “Start Now”
  3. Log in with your Instagram login or use your email address
  4. Then create your links by filling out the URL, the link name and adding pictures if you wantLinkBio-Setup-Step-2
  5. Then organize, edit, reorder your links and click “GET YOUR URL” when you are doneLinkBio-Setup-Step-3
  6. Save the URL generated by Link.Bio and use it on your Instagram bio

LinkBio-Setup- Step-4

Your page will then look something like this

As you can see the page is simple and neat. It also has your IG profile pic that will redirects users to your Instagram profile if they click on it.

You will be able to slightly modify the layout of the page, if you want, by clicking on “Manage Layout” on your dashboard. However, your ability to customize is pretty limited for the free version.

If you are trying to customize your page a lot I would probably not look into this service.

Still, in the “Manage Layout” tab, you will be able to add tracking codes for your links in order to better understand how well your links perform.

Overall, Link.Bio does a very good job of creating a link page for your Instagram account. It is perfect for people looking for a simple solution or for people managing multiple accounts. However, the very limited options to customize the page layout can be a major drawback if you are trying to build a page in a specific way.

Link in Profile

Link in profile solves the Instagram one click dilemma the same way as Linktree and as it creates a link page. However, it does so slightly different than the other two services.

Link in Profile creates a link page which shows the image from your Instagram post with each link. 

It is a very cool feature as people will see something very familiar when they get to the link page and see some posts from your page. The only difference here will be the fact that they can click on the images or links to go where you want to go.

Link in Profile is not free, however, you can start a 30 day trial (without using a credit card) if you want to try it. After your free trial, personal plans are $9.99/month and include a dedicated landing page that’s branded with your Instagram handle and picture.

To get started with this platform, it is very easy and quick. Go to


  1. Click on “Start Free Trial”
  2. It will redirect you to Instagram, log in using your IG info
  3. You will then get to your dashboard where you will be prompted to pick the posts you would like to create links for. (In the image below I picked one image to make a test for you guys)


When you are done creating the links for specific posts, all you have to do is save the URL and use it in your Instagram bio.

Below is what Link in profile looks like


Users will be able to click on your IG profile pic on the top right to go back to your IG page. They will also be able to a specific link by either clicking on the post image or the actual link on the right side of the image.

Setting up your link page with Link in profile is very simple and can be very powerful if what you are promoting performs well with images.

It is definitely not my favorite tool as I don’t really like the way the link page looks like with pictures. However, for some other people in different niches than mine, Link in page can be a great asset.


If you don’t know what Wix is, it is a website builder platform allowing you to create a website for free. Most of the websites of this type force you to use themes which is nice when you want to build a full website but for what we are trying to achieve, it is way overkill.

We want to create a simple one page website with a background, some buttons, a logo and maybe some images, that’s it!

Wix fits the bill since it allows you to create a website from scratch.

If you are interested in using Wix to host your link page, just follow the steps below and you will be on your way to own a nice clean page for your links promoted on Instagram.

To create a FREE link page, go to


  1. Click on “Get Started”
  2. Sign Up
  3. Log in your account and click on “Create your Website”
  4. Pick “Other” when asked, “What kind of website do you want to create?”
  5. Pick “Create your Website with the Wix Editor”
  6. Select “Blank Templates” in View By
  7. Select “Start from Scratch” -> Click “Edit”
  8. To change the background: Click on “Background”  add a picture or change color based on your needs
  9. To add a picture, a logo, text or a button: Click on “Add” -> select the element you would like to add
  10. Make sure to click on “Mobile” (top right of screen) to switch to mobile view, then click on menu element and click on “Hide”.


From there it is pretty much up to you to customize the one page website as you would like. The drag and drop builder is very easy to use. When you are done and satisfy with the look of your page.

Click on “Publish” (top right corner)

Pick the free option and select the name of your page (make sure to pick a name congruent to your niche)

You are now set to go and all you have to do is add a link to your Wix page in your Instagram bio to redirecting traffic to your page and make sure to update when needed.

Tip: I would use Bitly to shorten my long ugly free Wix URL. You will also be able to track your link on Bitly and better understand your traffic.

Use your own website

If you have a blog or a website, the easiest and most customizable option is to create a link page on your website.

Create a brand new page on your blog just for links I’d be promoting on Instagram. That way, you will be able to get data on your Facebook pixel, Google analytics account and increase your pages views.

If you want to create fancy buttons such as the ones available on Wix, no problem!

Head to Canva and create amazing button easily and quickly. See the video below to see exactly how

If you don’t have a blog or website, I strongly recommend you to create one. It is a great way to earn passive income and you don’t need to be a professional writer to be successful.

You will also be in total control of what you want to create and how you want to get things done.

If you don’t really know where to start and want to get started today, make sure to check Wealthy Affiliate, the platform myself and thousands of other marketers have used to get started with our blogs.

I have an article reviewing Wealthy Affiliate if you are curious and want to learn more about it.


The one click Instagram dilemma should not scare you away from using this great platform. In this article, I gave you multiple ways to work around that problem.

Depending on what you are promoting and what type of link page you want to create some solutions might fit your needs better than others.

For my part, my favorite method is definitely to create a link page on my blog as it gives my blog some extra exposure and provides me with total control of how I build my page. However, it will take a little bit time to set up and it is not as user-friendly as services like Linktree or

My question to you now is, which one of the few methods do you use or plan on using? Also feel free to share if you solve the one-click Instagram dilemma a different way.

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