9 Fantastic Ways to Make Money on Pinterest while you Sleep

Pinterest is a very popular social media platform used by many people but did you know that it is a search engine!?
You see, it is actually the best visual search engine on the internet. With 250 million monthly of active users (per Marketing Land), you should kick yourself in the face to not use Pinterest to make money!!!

In this article, I will teach you nine fantastic ways to make money on Pinterest while you sleep.

Post affiliate links

Pinterest is very good to help people make money with affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know what marketing is please check the article below where I explain how it works in details.

Article: What is an affiliate website?

If the extra reading is too much for you, let me explain what affiliate marketing is very briefly.

Affiliate marketing is a commission based business model where someone receives a commision for referring somebody else to either service or a product to a third-party website where the person will make a purchase.

Most of the online retailers or online services companies have an affiliate program nowadays. It is always free to join and requires you to fill out an application in order to be approved to the programs that you want to join.

One of the biggest affiliate networks is Amazon Associates. When you start working with them, you will make a commission anytime somebody buys a product on Amazon after clicking through your affiliate links. Commissions range from 1% to 20% of the final sale price.

So now that you understand what affiliate marketing is you are probably wondering how to use Pinterest to use these links?

Well is very simple!

All you have to do is to create pins either showcasing the product directly or someone using it. (Look at an example below)


For example, let’s say I want to promote a guitar from Amazon. I will get a picture of the guitar and pin about it with a nice description describing how nice and easy to handle the guitar is.


When somebody clicks on my pin, the person will get redirected to Amazon. If the visitor turns into a client by buying the guitar, I’ll make 15% of the guitar final price.

0.15 x $159.99 = $24

Do you see the potential!?

All you have to do is to find cool products and start pinning away!

To make it simple, here are the steps to get started with posting affiliate links on Pinterest:

  1. Look for an affiliate program that you want to join
  2. Apply for the affiliate program
  3. Pick the service or product you want to promote
  4. Create at least one pin of the product or reviewing the product
  5. Pin the picture on your profile and make sure to pin in group boards for max exposure
  6. Watch the money pile up

Tip: Even though Pinterest allows affiliate links, do not solely pin this type of links. Make sure to pin awesome content but also pins from other pinners. A good ratio would be 50/50, if you don’t you will risk getting your account from getting banned.

Become a virtual assistant

If you know how to use Pinterest and have some spare time, you have the perfect profile to become a Pinterest virtual assistant!!!

You see not everyone knows how to use Pinterest or has the time to grow their account.

Virtual assistants, also known as VA, are there to fix these issues.

They will take over an account or a specific task for a client and pretty much run their Pinterest account for them.

It is pretty much freelancing but only dedicated to Pinterest.

Because it is so specific if you have the skills to perform the tasks required, you could be making some good money on the side being a virtual assistant on Pinterest.

For example, Kristen Larson the creator of Believing a Budget has created her Pinterest visual assistant business back in 2015. Within the first six months of her venture, she was already earning upwards of $3600 per month.

If you are interested in learning more about her journey and how to build virtual assistant business make sure to check out her online course where she explained exactly step-by-step how she became successful as a Pinterest VA.

A great platform to offer your services is Fiverr. On that freelance website, you will be able to create a profile and look for clients.

It is completely free to join and easy to set up an account.

To get started with Fiverr click here.

Tip: Freelancing as a virtual assistant is a very competitive niche so make sure to learn extra specific skills such as mastering Google Analytics for example, in order to stand out from the pack.

Drive traffic to your blog

Instead of driving traffic directly to affiliate offers, you could funnel all the traffic to your blog.

Once on your blog, you’ll be able to make money from the traffic through many different ways.

The beauty of driving traffic to your blog from Pinterest is the fact that you can get a lot of targetted traffic to your blog or website very quickly.

You see on search engines such as Google it usually take months for your articles to rank. On Pinterest, you literally can get an influx of traffic overnight.

Ali from Vigor it out has a grown our Pinterest page views by over 1 million in only 30 days.

Article: How I grew my Pinterest Page Views by over 1 Million in 30 Days!

Receiving that amount of traffic that quickly is not that uncommon on Pinterest once you know what you are doing and get one of your pins to go viral.

Tip: Create a business account (it’s free and takes less than 5 minutes) in order to have access to all the analytics for your Pinterest account. From there you will be able to analyze and understand where your traffic is coming from and how to improve your results.

PS: Check the video tutorial below to learn how to switch from a personal to a business Pinterest account

Make a sponsored post

If you have any sizable audience on Pinterest which would mean have at least 1,000 followers, you could charge people for posting something on your account.

This concept, also known as influencer marketing, is widely used on Instagram and Twitter where people known as influencers get paid very well by companies or other members to promote products on their page.

So far this technique has not been used a lot on Pinterest but somebody with a large engaged audience provides a great opportunity for brands trying to reach new customers.

Sponsored posts can be very lucrative when you have an established large audience. Superstars like Kim Kardashian and her sisters run sponsored posts all the time on Instagram.

One of the most requested celebrity social media influencers for brands is… drum roll please… Kim Kardashian! At least until the brand learns that it will cost more than $250k for a single postHollywood Branded

This business model can be very lucrative, but you will need an audience engaged with your content to rake up the dough!

Tip: Try to grow social media accounts on different platforms simultaneously. Then cross promote on all your profiles to help them get more popular. That way, you’ll have bigger audiences on different platforms allowing you to have many more possibilities to run sponsored posts.

Sell your own product

Very similar to a sponsored post in the sense that you need a very big audience to be successful, you can use Pinterest to sell your own product.

It can be a digital product such as a guide or an e-book or it could be a physical product such as a t-shirt designed on a print on demand websites such as Printful.

The key to being successful at selling your own product is to build trust with your audience.

In order for people to buy from you, they need to trust you first.

Below are simple steps to look legit on Pinterest:

  1. Use a business account instead of a personal one (see video above to learn how).
  2. Make sure to have at least 10 boards
  3. Create case studies to show your results and impress your audience
  4. Interact with your audience by engaging with contents from your followers, including message them
  5. Grow your account by working with other famous people in your industry

Do not try to sell directly on Pinterest with a link to your product pages on pins. Instead, create a bridge page, also known as a landing page, to capture potential customer email address using a lead magnet.

Once you get their email address, then you can start selling your course through emails.

Capturing their email first and then selling to them via email is the best approach when trying to sell your own product.

If you want to be successful on the internet, you need to think long term. Creating an email list does exactly that and allows you to reach potential customers at will for years to come.

Tip: If you don’t have a website, you can create a free landing page on Weebly.

If you want to learn how to create a landing page for free check this article out.

Run a paid group board

Group boards are very important for pinners to grow their accounts. They are very popular and widely used by people on Pinterest.

All group boards have different rules to join them. That’s where your opportunity is!

Simply charge people a small fee to join your group board. In return, you will upkeep the group engaged with only quality content helping the members to grow their accounts.

In order to be successful with this technique, you will need to create a very high-quality group with a lot of engagement in order to attract pinners willing to spend money to join it.

Start out by creating a few group boards and grow them to be very successful.

Once they are all successful and you know exactly how you made it happen, create an exclusive group for your top pinners only.

If they have great success with your group, most of them will be more than willing to spend some money to join a highly exclusive and engaged group.

Tip: Use Pinterest messaging tool and Facebook to get in touch with potential collaborators.

Run a Pinterest ad

I have personally never used paid ads on Pinterest but I know that they can be very lucrative if you know what you are doing. They are without a doubt the quickest way to get predicted traffic from Pinterest.

If you want to try and run an ad, you will need to have a Pinterest business account (do you see a common theme for all the methods here?).

From your account, you will be able to create your ad copy and select who to target very easily.

Check out the video below for a complete tutorial on how to set up your first ad:

Pinterest offers many ways to generate traffic and make money for free that’s why I have not tried paid ads so far.

However, if you have some extra money sitting aside and you are willing to lose some to get the paid ad game figured out, you could be making a lot of money from Pinterest very quickly.

Tip: Unless you have prior experience with other paid ads platform such as Google and Facebook, I advise you to wait to use paid ads until you are mastering getting free traffic from Pinterest.

Offer Pinterest SEO services

At the end of the day, Pinterest is a search engine so its goal is to show the best pins when someone searches something the platform.

There are ways to make your pins rank higher in the search results. Just like Google or Bing, Pinterest has its own SEO.

Mastering Pinterest SEO skills can be a great asset for you for your personal pins but also an opportunity to make money on the side.

Just like you would do for finding virtual assistant gigs, you could offer your Pinterest SEO services on Fiverr.

Make sure to post your accomplishments in Pinterest SEO in your profile on Fiverr in order to attract as many potential clients as possible.

Tip: You can also partner with popular pinners to get your name out.

Grow your account and sell it

The last way to make money with Pinterest is to grow accounts on Pinterest and sell them.

Just like in other social media platform, the bigger your audience is, the more powerful your social profile is.

Caution: When I say audience, I don’t talk about followers. On Pinterest, the amount of follower you have is not a key metric to measure how big your audience is. When you have a business account you will be able to see how many monthly users you have and how many engaged with you.


If you are able to grow accounts and create big audiences of engaged followers you, you will have gold mines at your fingertips.

You could literally sell some accounts in the thousands of dollars depending on the niche and how engaged your audience is.

You must be wondering where can I sell them?

Well, this website called Viral Account specialize in buying social media profile! Go to their website and follow the simple instruction to start the selling process.

Tip: If you have multiple accounts, make sure to keep your most popular one. Selling accounts is nice to get a lump sum of money but a popular Pinterest account can make you money for years to come as long as the account stays active.


Pinterest is an awesome social media platform with a great potential. Not using it is a very bad mistake for anybody trying to be successful online.

There are many different ways you could your Pinterest profile to leverage the traffic and turn into cash.

The nine different methods I shared with you are not the only ones but they are proven to make money to the people using them.

If you like the articles or know other ways to make money on Pinterest while you sleep, make sure to leave a comment below to share with everybody!

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